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Great new app to help you quit smoking!

Great new app to help you quit smoking!

Smoking rates have been declining in recent years but there are still many smokers out there.The National Cancer Institute has created a free smoking cessation app that will help support patients who are trying to quit.

The app is call QuitGuide and offers helpful information and tips on how to quit smoking. It covers how to prepare to quit and also has tips to help you manage those cravings. The best part is that it is free and does not require you to enter any personal information in order to use it. There are a few questions when you first open the app but they are not about personal info. Frequent updates are provided as well.

The app user will enter a personal message as to why they would like to quit smoking, more time with the grandkids or kids, etc. and this personal message will be the focus of the app every time it is opened. You can even put a picture there to remind you who it is you are quitting for, if doing it for yourself is not incentive enough.

You can track on the main screen whether you slipped up and had a smoke or if you made it through the day without it. You can set up the screens to give you reminders at certain times and places where you are most likely to smoke.

There are many apps like this one available today but most of them are costly. This app is provided free and we hope that if you are still smoking, you might take this opportunity to quit! Best of luck in all your endeavors.

Mary Crawford, HealthCare Employment Network

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