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RN Registered Nurses take care of people who are sick, injured, convalescent or disabled. They care for patients by assessing, planning, intervention, implementation and evaluation, under general supervision, and in accordance with established practices and philosophy. Registered Nurses work with other professionals to ensure patient care is delivered effectively to achieve desired patient outcomes. The RN must effectively interact with the patient and family members while maintaining the standard of professional nursing. There are many travel assignments and jobs available for the Registered Nurse as the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that nursing is one of the top 10 occupations with the largest job growth. Where would you like to visit? Work in a great environment and enjoy free time seeing places you have always wanted to visit. Many great opportunities await Registered Nurse in Pediatric Intensive Care.

The PICU RN provides care for adolescents and children with life-threatening or high-acuity conditions that require constant observation and monitoring, (usually through age 18). Pediatric Intensive Care Unit RNs are trained to perform life-saving, invasive interventions to stabilize patients and apply crisis management techniques when necessary. Nurses also must be knowledgeable on state and federal regulations regarding the treatment and may need to function as patient advocates for those who are not able to do so. After the patient is admitted and stabilized the RN will obtain health histories and diagnose their status in order to create a patient care plan for that individual, including medications and treatments. Implement appropriate treatments and monitor, record and evaluate responses. PICU RN may also analyze psychological, behavioral and physical traits and assess potential risks. Administer medications, address pain management and monitoring wounds for infection may be additional duties of the RN.

The PICU RN may help the families of the patient with education and guidance on preventative care and the potential risks of treatments provided. RN may also promote positive health behaviors, perform consultations, provide referrals and facilitate patient transition from PICU to other facilities. The PICU RN may also counsel families on further treatments, end of life care and organ donation.

Responsibilities of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit RN

Provide individualized and direct nursing care to patients based on scientific nursing principles.

Coordinate and consult with other health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient plan of care.

Provide culturally and ace appropriate care to each patient.

Observe and monitor patients vital signs including blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate. If the patient displays adverse changes the RN initiates corrective action.

Tracks urine output

Inserts catheters, starts IVs (both central venous and arterial), changes dressings

Observes and reports any changes by following continuous cardiac and respiratory monitor readings, such as EKG tracings, O2 stats, CVP/arterial line waveforms.

Administer infusion therapies which could include IV fluids, antifungals, antivirals, antibiotics, electrolytes

Monitor and make necessary adjustments to specialized equipment such as ventilators.

Prepare, administer and record prescribed medications and report any adverse reactions to medications or treatments.

Assist the physician during examinations, treatments and procedures, which can include life-saving situations.

Analyze lab and testing results.

Assist with insertion or discontinuation of CV catheters, arterial lines, epidural catheters, endotracheal tubes, external ventricular drains, Foleys.

Communicate and provide education, information and emotional support to the patients family and caregivers.

Record all information about the patients care accurately and completely in a timely manner.

Physical demands:

Full body motion, frequent standing, walking, twisting, bending, flexing, extending, stretching

Must be able to lift, move and reposition patients

Fine motor skills with excellent eye-hand coordination

Excellent vision, speech, hearing, smell, touch

Education Requirements

PICU RN must complete a four-year course of instruction at an accredited university or earn an associate of nursing degree from a two year community college followed by a diploma program at a healthcare facility. Many facilities require additional pediatric education and support training.

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