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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Registered Nursing is one of the top 10 occupations with the largest job growth. Registered Nurses travel jobs and assignments are available in every state and the specialty list continues to grow as well. Room for continuous growth and expanding of your career in the Nursing and healthcare field is a great asset for this type of work as well.

RN Burn Unit nurses care for a wide variety of patients. Registered Nurses in Burn Units treat patients who have been burned, from whatever source, hot water, oil, chemicals or electricity. When a patient comes into contact with high voltage electricity there is an entrance and exit wound. After surviving a house fire a burn patient can have inhalation injuries. Other ways patients sustain burns include: workplace accidents and falls, car accidents.

Burn Care Nurses work most of the time in trauma centers, intensive care units and burn units. Burn nurses must care for the patients physical well-being as well as emotional and psychological toll that burns and their aftermath have been known to cause. Families must be educated on the treatment of the burns. RN Burn Units must also train adults and children on burn prevention. Burn nurses must also be able to educate their fellow non-burn nurses in the very special assessments skills needed to care for these patients.

There is no certification for Burn Care Nurses but most nurses who work in this field have gained expertise after working in Intensive Care Units and Trauma care settings. Experience is key and this practice is not for the squeamish.

Work Environment

Working in an emergency department, the RN Burn nurse is often the first caregiver of the burn patient. But the work environment can vary as much as the type and cause of the injury. As a patient moves through their care they will encounter ICU nurses, rehab nurses and sometimes dedicated burn center nurses. In burn care once the acute phase has been survived there are often long term care needs which would allow RN Burn Unit nurses to work in private office environments or clinics as well.

Things Burn Nurses may do:

Dress and care for patient’s burns

Maintain the comfort of the patient.

Educate family and co-workers how to care for this type of wound

Attend the emotional wellbeing of the patient and their family

Skills and Qualities of Burn Nurses

Long-range goal of care is one of the most important skills in working in burn nursing. There are many phases to survival with burn patients. Compassion and the ability to connect with the patient and family are important qualities in this type of work. Other important skills include excellent assessment skills, strong IV placement technique, knowledge of fluids/electrolytes and pain control. RN must be strong advocates for their patients.

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