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RN Registered Nurses take care of people who are sick, injured, convalescent or disabled. They care for patients by assessing, planning, intervention, implementation and evaluation, under general supervision, and in accordance with established practices and philosophy. Registered Nurses work with other professionals to ensure patient care is delivered effectively to achieve desired patient outcomes. The RN must effectively interact with the patient and family members while maintaining the standard of professional nursing. There are many travel assignments and jobs available for the Registered Nurse as the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that nursing is one of the top 10 occupations with the largest job growth. Where would you like to visit? Work in a great environment and enjoy free time seeing places you have always wanted to visit. Many great opportunities await the Registered Nurse in todays market!

The Rehabilitation Registered Nurse works with a wide range of patients populations and types, ranging from the patient who just had joint replacement surgery, the patient who has suffered a stroke, those with occupational or sports injuries, and some with severe spinal cord injuries or other chronic, progressive conditions such as multiple sclerosis. The nature and stage of the patients condition will guide the goals of rehabilitation, which may be to prevent secondary disability, return patients to their former functioning state, improve the body functions or help the patient adapt to a new way of functioning. The primary goal of Rehabilitation Nursing is to help the patient attain or maintain maximum function. Some rehab patients may be learning to live an altered lifestyle because of increasing disability or permanent injury. The Rehab nurse will help the patient to adapt physically and emotionally to lifestyle changes and teach them new skills and providing them with nursing care.

Skills of the Rehab RN

  • Educating patients and helping them with the adjustments necessary to support their health. Educating the patients about disease, injuries and related disabilities as well as self-care skills.
  • Collaborating with other disciplines such as occupational and physical therapy and reinforcing the teaching of these professionals and coordinating the care of the patient.
  • Supporting adaptive capabilities
  • Treating changes in the functional ability and lifestyle of patients dealing with disability, injury and chronic illness
  • Promoting independence that is achievable for the patient and helping the patient accept their new normal
  • Providing compassionate, holistic and comprehensive end-of-life care for patients with life-limiting conditions

The Rehabilitation RN practices in a variety of settings which may include clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, long term care facilities and the patients home. Rehab RNs also may work for educational institutions, private companies, insurance companies or in private practice. There are also outpatient and specialty rehab facilities providing services ranging from acute to convalescent care.

The daily tasks of the Rehab RN may consist of providing direct care to the patient or supervising the activities of other staff members in order to prevent complications and maintain functions such as the ability to move, eat or perform daily living tasks. A Rehab RN may help the patient exercise, provide proper skin care to aid in prevention of skin breakdown and ensure the patient is property positioned to prevent joints from becoming immobile. Illness and injuries may also cause changes in bowel, bladder or respiratory functions. The Rehab Nurse will teach the patient how to self-manage these conditions if possible.

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