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A Surgical Technologist’s work in Labor and Delivery in a hospital delivery room can be both exciting and demanding. The Surgical Tech is responsible for making sure that not only the mother in labor is doing okay and of course the baby too, but that the physician has all the instruments and supplies needed to perform a safe delivery. A Surgical Tech is responsible for ensuring that the delivery room is clean before a laboring mother is brought to the room. All supplies and tools the physician needs must be made readily available by the Labor and Delivery Surgical Tech. The supplies necessary during a delivery must be near the Surgical Tech on the scene, so they can be quickly handed to the physician when they are needed. The Labor and Delivery Surgical Tech will follow all hospital regulations and industry procedures to tent to the patient during pre-operation procedures, under the supervision of the RN and physician. The CST in Labor and Delivery performs all processes that relate to the delivery of direct and assistive quality patient care in the delivery room or in the C-section room. When the Tech is not assisting with a delivery, they will perform whatever duties in the unit that may be necessary including answering call lights and telephones, pick up meal trays and return them to Nutrition Services, keep triage room ready for patients, including changing linen, cleaning bed space and emptying trash. The L & D Tech will also provide basic patient care by assisting patients to the restroom and transferring patients to triage, radiology, or patient rooms. The CST is also responsible for stocking the department with appropriate supplies at a pre-determined level.

Some responsibilities of this position may include:

  • Completing Labor and Delivery surgical procedures in the role of a scrub or circulatory technician
  • Assisting with maintaining equipment and supplies for deliveries
  • Perform clerical and clinical functions that service to assist the health care team
  • Provide assistance to the team in the performance of direct and indirect patient care duties
  • Provide technical assistance during the labor and delivery stages of the obstetrical process
  • Physical Demands of the CST in Labor and Delivery include the ability to spend long hours standing and walking, frequent bending, pulling and pushing, including some heavy lifting. Good stamina is required for on-call coverage. Dexterity and fine motor skills are required for handling of instruments and small items.
  • It is necessary to have excellent eyesight in order to work in areas with reduced lighting and to handle and account for microscopic needles.
  • Good listening skills so the Tech can discern voice commands in a normal to low voice in the clinical environment.
  • The CST could face exposure to hazardous chemicals, radiation, blood and body fluids and bio-hazardous smoke.
  • Preparing and draping the patient prior to procedure
  • Assisting the physicians performing diagnostic procedures
  • Observing and monitoring the patient’s blood pressure as directed by the physician as well as using other physiological monitoring equipment. Continuous monitoring or the EKG and the ability to identify arrhythmias.
  • Handling and passing instruments, guide wires, catheters or other necessary items
  • Maintain integrity and sterility of the equipment and supplies throughout the procedure
  • Maintains established department procedures and policies, performance improvement, objectives, safety, environmental and infection control standards.
  • Operates monitoring equipment, records and interprets the data. 
  • Responds quickly and efficiently in an emergency procedure when necessary

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