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The future is bright for RN Registered Nurses as the Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that nursing is one of the top 10 occupations with the largest job growth. There is room for continuous growth and expansion of your career with Registered Nurse travel assignments and jobs available in every state. Where would you like to visit? Work in a great environment and be in a place you can go enjoy your free time. What better way to see more of the world while advancing your career and experience at the same time?

The Nursery Registered Nurse medically attend to newborns in the neonatal unit of a hospital or birthing center. Each newborn is initially assessed and stabilized at birth. Nursery RN will assess the clinical status of the newborn, assess the degree of maturity, depending on gestational age and to distinguish high-risk infants who are subject to further specific care. Newborns may be placed on cardiopulmonary apparatus if necessary. The most important thing for newborns is to establish early contact with the mother to ensure emotional stability. The Registered Nurse in the Nursery plays a pivotal role in the care of newborns and young children. Nurses who work with newborns are normally referred to as neonatal nurses. Neonatal care refer to the treatment provided during the first 28 days of the newborn’s life. The Nursery nurse will observe, hold and feed the babies and ensure they receive necessary tests and medications. Premature babies and children with dangerous birth defects depend on nursery nurses to survive.

Educating the parents about breastfeeding is very important for the mother and newborn. RN’s and doctors help to educate and train the new parents on natural nutrition and child care. The newborn Nursery RN will teach the new mother how to bathe her infant as well. The RN will help the new parents in acquiring skills related to caring for their newborn. The goal of course is to discharge the mother and newborn with the parents feeling confident about providing basic child care for their infant.

RN’s in the Nursery must continuously monitor the newborn to make sure they are adapting to life outside the womb, jaundice evolution, and feeding properly. The objective is to avoid the appearance of any complications and to treat them early if they do appear. The guiding principle for the Nursery RN is that every child entrusted to us will be the most precious child in the world.

Some of the responsibilities and duties of the Nursery RN:

  • Provide specific care to the newborn immediately after birth, cooperating with the team.
  • Complete identification of the mother
  • Vaccinate the newborn
  • Promptly respond to the needs of the newborn.
  • Ensure that the tasks set by the physician are delivered accurately in terms of efficiency and quality.
  • Observe and monitor the vitals of the newborn
  • Perform treatments and procedures as prescribed by the physician.
  • Draw samples for laboratory tests if required
  • Report and document any changes in the evolution of the newborn
  • Be responsible for the quality and efficiency of the care given by all team members.
  • Educate and explain breastfeeding and caring for the newborn.
  • Respect the rules of asepsis. Identify and report any signs of infection
  • Provide the sterilization of any necessary tools and/or equipment.

Some nursery nurses work outside of nurseries and provide care to young children in private pediatric offices, clinics and hospitals. Nursery RN uses the knowledge and skills they obtained when working with newborns to treat illnesses and injuries in toddlers. Nursery nurses who work in pediatrics normally focus their efforts on the youngest patients and help the pediatrician by providing expert advice, comforting restless babies and communicating with family members

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