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For nearly half a century Nurse Practitioners NPs have been providing healthcare to patients of all ages. The Nurse Practitioner NP is the healthcare provider of choice for millions of patients and plays an important role in servicing the needs of premature infants to the elderly. NP or Nurse Practitioners can assess patients, take history, order, interpret and explain diagnostic tests, make diagnoses and educate and counsel the patient and family to manage treatment plans and make healthy lifestyle choices. NP can also prescribe medications. The Nurse Practitioner has undergone advanced clinical and academic training and the daily practice closely resembles that of a doctor.

As the number of primary physicians decreases the NP Nurse Practitioner is highly sought after in todays environment as the need for quality healthcare increases. Locum Tenens, Travel Assignments and Jobs are available today. Many options are available from location to practice focus. NP can be a highly rewarding career with plenty of opportunities available to help others and fill a much needed role in the healthcare industry.

Responsibilities for the Nurse Practitioner include:

Ensuring that care is given to patients and their families by providing and supervising while preserving and protecting the patient’s dignity and rights.

Admitting and assessing patients.

Developing and implementing the appropriate plan of care while collaborating with the attending physician.

Effective communication skills to coordinate all aspects of care for patients and their families.

Perform comprehensive and focused physical examinations in order to diagnose and treat common acute illnesses and injuries.

Provide immunizations.

Provide guidance about medications, side effects and interactions.

Manage high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and other chronic health problems.

NP, Nurse Practitioners, work in clinics, managed care organizations, hospitals, office practices and also deliver primary care in rural areas, urban community health centers, worksite health centers and college campuses. Employment and jobs can also be found in the healthcare technology and research fields as well as teaching in schools and universities.

Nurse Practitioner must have a BSN bachelors degree in nursing from an accredited program. Then the student must complete an additional two to three years of study to earn a Master’s Degree in Nursing or Doctorate of Nursing Practice. Programs include in-depth courses in pharmacology, medical ethics, medical diagnosis and management, pathophysiology and extensive clinical training. Usually during this phase the student will begin to focus on a specialty such as: Family Care, Oncology, Acute Care, Primary Care, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Neonatology and many more.

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