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Computed Tomography technicians, sometimes known as CT technologists, are responsible for operating CT equipment that will produce cross-sectional images of patient’s organs, tissue and bones and are used to diagnose medical conditions including internal diseases and/or injuries. In addition to conducting the scans, the CT will prepare the patient for the procedure and explain the process. The Tech will also be responsible for proper positioning of the patient to correctly capture the images requested by the physician. Typically the CT will work in a hospital setting or a private doctor’s office.

Daily tasks of the CT may include preparing and operating the CT scanner. Administrative duties such as recording scan times and requesting scans are also completed by the CT Tech. Safety precautions must be taken very seriously by the CT Tech as they are working with radiation. The Tech will normally wear lead gloves, aprons and other shielding devices while doing their jobs. Radiation exposure is constantly monitored.

The project job growth estimated by the BLS is 21% for Radiologic Technologists over the next several years. A Certificate, Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Technology or a similar field is normally required for these positions.

Duties and Responsibilities of the CT Tech may include:

  • Perform complex and specialized tasks associated with the operation of CT scanners and the related equipment while always following prescribed radiation safety procedures. Position the patients for procedure which may include the use of immobilization and/or protective equipment.
  • Assist radiologist with interventional CT procedures, imaging procedures, starting IV’s and injecting contrast if applicable.
  • Evaluate CT scans for technical quality, collate the processed images in sequence and accurately and appropriately label. Film/transmit to PACS
  • Assist with clerical functions and schedule patients if necessary.
  • Dispense oral contrast for CT scans to the patient.
  • Load and operate power injections for contrast media administration.
  • Provide training and orientation for new CT techs.
  • Maintain accurate patient records in a timely manner.
  • Provide training and education to student technologists.
  • Provide compassionate care for the physical and psychological needs of the patients during CT scans.
  • Perform other related duties as required

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