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The MRI Technician performs diagnostic testing by taking images of the patients’ body using computerized MRI scanners. The Tech normally works under the supervision of a physician or other medical personnel. An MRI Technician may work in mobile radiographic units, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and diagnostic imaging centers. MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanners use strong magnetic fields and radio frequencies to create 3D images of the patient’s body tissues and provide the results to the physician to aid in diagnosis of the patient.

Some of the job duties of the MRI Tech would be to interpret the physician’s instructions, select software options and imaging parameters during adjustment of the MRI machine, explain the MRI procedure to the patient, view images from an imaging session and keep records of the results. The tech may also prepare patients for procedures, move equipment, move disabled patients from wheelchairs onto examination tables and position the patient for the procedure.

Job skills beneficial to the MRI Technician would include excellent written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail, the ability to follow instructions, compassion and sensitivity to the psychological and physical needs of patients and of course the ability to work as a member of the team. Stamina and the ability to stay on your feet throughout the day is a must and the strength to maneuver patients as well as the manual dexterity to manipulate straps and operate the MRI machine controls.

The required education consists of a Certificate, Diploma or Associate’s Degree in MRI technology. Most of the programs are designed for students that have already completed radiologic technology training.

The projected job growth for the MRI Technician is estimated at 24% or better in the next several years.

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