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FAQs - Getting started as a HealthCare Traveler

Remember, if you don’t see your specific question answered, don’t hesitate to give us a call (855) 335-9924 and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and help find the answer if we don't know it. After all, “the focus is YOU! 

The very first step You need to take is to complete our simple, online informational application and skills checklist to help You get a quick-start on Your healthcare travel career. Once Your application and skills checklist are submitted, things will really start to happen. You will receive communications from the staffing agencies that You have chosen about the great benefits, compensation and choice travel assignments they have to offer. You'll need to complete the required paperwork for the particular staffing agency or agencies You have chosen to work with prior to having Your profile submitted to a health care facility for assignments.

Are You comfortable jumping into new clinical settings and able to adapt quickly to new situations? Are You the type that loves to pack and go at a moment’s notice? Do You have at least f 12-18 months experience in Your specialty? If You answered yes to all of the above, healthcare travel assignments may be just what You’re looking for! With each new assignment, You'll have the opportunity to boost Your career by working alongside seasoned professionals and utilizing state-of-the-art techniques. Your hard work will be rewarded with the opportunity to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time and have the adventure of a lifetime.

There is no obligation to utilize the site. This site is designed to assist You in exploring all the possibilities that travel healthcare has to offer.

Traveling has been the perfect solution for many healthcare professionals who want to shield their family from tough economic times.  Even in this tough economy, demand for travel healthcare continues to grow.  And with salary ranges for travel healthcare professionals increasing all the time, now may be the best time to start Your travel healthcare career. As traveling healthcare professionals, You have the freedom to choose Your location and Your assignment.  By choosing a city where cost of living is lower and travel healthcare professionals' salaries higher, You'll increase Your earnings potential and purchasing power. Applying with multiple healthcare staffing agencies also gives You the security of knowing that You'll have assignments to choose from in many of the top facilities in the nation, with some of the highest pay rates. A travel healthcare career can definitely give You an edge over today's economy.

No, never. Our services are entirely free to You, the Healthcare Professional.

You control the timing. Your first assignment could begin in as little as a few days, or You may prefer more lead time with a start date in 6-8 weeks or longer. It all depends on Your plans and how quickly You want to move ahead.. Your recruiter we'll work with You to help You get all of Your credentialing requirements organized in time for Your assignment start date. Once You make a decision on which agencies You would like to travel with, and decide on a travel assignment, things can move as quickly as You would like.

Travel assignments can range from 8- to 52-weeks in length, with the majority of assignments being 13 weeks. At the end of your assignment, you can travel to a new assignment of your choice, take a permanent job or extend your current assignment. Travelers have been known to stay in one location for a year or more, so if you like your assignment and there's an ongoing need at the facility, you don't have to pack up and move on. It's entirely up to you.

No, your commitment to the staffing agency only extends for the length of the assignment you agree to take. At the end of Your assignment, you are free to make your own choices. Of course your staffing agency will provide you with the opportunity to choose another position or at times, to extend your current assignment length. If you want to explore a different part of the country, you can travel to a new assignment. Or, if you prefer, you can return home and travel at a later date.

Absolutely! If You choose to travel with Your family members or pets, most agencies will accommodate Your request, each agency has their own policy, the majority will upgrade Your housing or arrange for Your pet, and however any increase expenditures to the agencies standard package or pet deposits would be Your responsibility. The agencies other option usually offer a housing subsidy, where the agency provides You with a dollar value and You take care of Your own accommodations in lieu of housing. This option is quite profitable for those traveling with a recreational vehicle or that have family or friends in the area. Experiencing new places and the rewards of national travel with a friend, spouse or significant other can make the experience special! Many Healthcare Travelers travel together which also makes it nice, shared expenses, someone that is experiencing everything with You, plus it can get even more profitable for You if You share housing.

Assignments are available in a range of facility types and geographic regions. You may want to consider a prestigious teaching facility in a large urban area, a small rural community hospital or an outpatient clinic. Whatever environment options You prefer, Your agency will work to secure the right assignment.

Once You have selected the agencies You would like to work with and wish to complete the process You will need certain documentation, each agency can vary, for the most these are some of the documents Your agency would require. Have You had a recent physical? If not, schedule an appointment right away. Healthcare Travelers will be required to have lab results of Your titers, current PPD results, and immunization records prior to starting your travel healthcare assignment. We recommend visiting Your current employee health office and obtaining copies all Your medical documents even before selecting a travel healthcare assignment.Copies of clinical evaluations and/or references are also helpful in advance, but not imperative to start travel assignment. Agencies have become credentialing experts and will process all of the documentation requirements of Your travel healthcare assignment.

Each member of Your agencies recruitment team has an important role in making sure You are ready for Your new adventure. Your travel and housing specialist's primary goal is to ensure Your arrival to safe, comfortable housing that is ready and available immediately for move in. Your recruiter and hospital coordinator confirms all the details needed for You to begin work at the facility. The healthcare agency should be committed to supporting You in this exciting professional and personal adventure. That is their job.

HealthcareTraveler-Jobs .com is Your resource to premier nationwide staffing agencies. The agencies maintain a network of relationships and contacts throughout the nation, enabling them to match healthcare professionals with the jobs they prefer. Each agency has different relationships with facilities. It is important to make sure that You are signed up with an agency or agencies that have a number of open assignments to fill. This is where the research plays an important role. It does not hurt to correspond with numerous agencies; You never know when one of them just might have that perfect assignment in that perfect location.

Yes, increasingly, more traveling professionals are staying in their current towns working as commuting travelers instead of permanent or per diem. The reasons include travel nursing flexibility, compensation advantages, and subsidized payments for housing and/or insurance that can be applied to current monthly expenses. Your Recruiter will present local travel healthcare agency positions upon request. Each agency has a different way of working with local/regional facilities, check with your agencies of choice as to their policy.

Before interviewing, your travel healthcare Recruiter / Placement Consultant will present the specific shift for that assignment and review all of the important travel assignment job details for you to determine if this is a healthcare travel assignment for which you wish to interview. All shifts are confirmed in advance with the healthcare employer by the agency, so you're always assured of specific requirements on every travel healthcare agency assignment.

Forty hours per week is considered full-time for travelers working 8 or 10-hour shifts. Travelers who work 12-hour shifts are considered full-time at 36 hours per week. Overtime is often available at your assignment should you want to do some.

No. All interviews are conducted by telephone direct with a hospital representative. You'll have the opportunity to discuss professional duties, job expectations, and any other questions you may have regarding the hospital, travel nursing, or its surroundings.

Each hospital has its own way of orienting and integrating travelers, depending on the size of the facility, how many travelers they use, how they orient their permanent staff, the orientation procedures of your individual assignment unit, etc. Your recruiter at your healthcare travel agency will be able to provide You with many of these orientation details when You discuss potential assignments. These are questions to bring up during your phone interviews with the hiring managers at potential assignment locations.

Are you interested in staying on at this travel healthcare assignment? If the answer is yes, and the facility continues to have the staffing need, you may be offered a travel healthcare assignment extension to work longer on this assignment. Alternately, you may wish to consider other travel healthcare assignments to begin either immediately or with time off in between travel assignments. In either case, Your agency will present new positions to you well in advance of your end date so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

You need a license for every state in which You work. Each state has different licensing rules and regulations, and most states require a fee and verification. Check with Your agency that You have decided to work with about licensing assistance as well as their policy on reimbursement. Nurses however, have an added bonus when it comes to licensing, it is called the Interstate Nurse License Compact license which is valid in multiple states, please go to the menu tab for traveler resources for licensing information pertaining to Your discipline for more information. For more information can be viewed at Interstate Nurse Licensure

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