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Radiology professionals who measure patients’ bone mass to determine bone health are commonly known as Bone Densitometry Technologists or Bone Density Technologists. The main purpose of these measurements would be diagnosis of osteoporosis or other bone disease. The Tech will make sure the equipment is operating properly and will utilize appropriate safety measures. They may also position patients, record and report results of the testing and follow the physicians orders. Training in bone densitometry is often an advanced specialty for students already in general radiologic tech training. Licensing requirements vary by state but most require an associate’s degree in radiologic technology. The projected job growth for this field is 21% from 2012-2022 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Some routine administrative duties will be required as well since the Densitometrist will need to document the patient’s identity, match to the chart, verify that the necessary permission forms have been completed and interview the patient to make sure they are informed and understand the procedure. Some patients may be worried about the test and the tech should be well-versed in explaining the process and helping them to relax. The densitometrist will document the procedure in the patient’s records after completion and make sure the results are forwarded to the correct physician.

Most Bone Densitometrists start their career in radiology and take a specialized course in bone density to obtain their certification.

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