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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Registered Nursing is one of the top 10 occupations with the largest job growth. Registered Nurses travel jobs and assignments are available in every state and the specialty list continues to grow as well. Room for continuous growth and expanding of your career in the Nursing and healthcare field is a great asset for this type of work as well. Expand your career and your experience and explore our beautiful country at the same time!

Endoscopy Registered Nurse will provide essential care to patients having procedures for screening, diagnosis, and/or treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and may specialize in Endoscopy. RN must initiate nursing strategies to meet the patients healthcare needs. Endoscopy RN may assist the surgeon in the operating theater where required, handing them any surgical instruments they may needs, and assist with the use of machinery and can be assigned to set up medical equipment before any procedures take place. The RN is also responsible for reporting any technical faults in agreement with guidelines about the equipment. Endoscopy RN must clean and maintain all equipment prior to any procedure. Must be able to utilize basic computer skills to analyze and record data from patients.

The Endoscopy RN will be able to offer emotional support and field questions from patients and/ family members regarding the condition or treatments. Act as the patient advocate and protect the dignity and safety of all patients during surgical procedures.

Duties and responsibilities of the Endoscopy Registered Nurse may vary from cleaning duties and basic equipment maintenance to advanced surgical roles, conducting patient screening and assisting with complex endoscopic procedures. RN must work closely with the team, consult relevant specialists when required and take a multidisciplinary approach to caring for the patient.

Excellent communication skills to help patients and family members understand medical terminology are required. Compassion for the patients needs are the responsibility of the endoscopic nurse. Endoscopy RN is required to create reports of all results from the procedure and accurately record patients condition throughout the process. If a patient cannot ingest food or keep it down once ingested, the RN must administer Intravenous drips.

To gain certification the Endoscopy RN must pass the board examination and RN is required to have thorough knowledge of clinical nursing standards and drug administration procedures. Assessment will include functions of the stomach, intestinal tracts, and the pancreas. Also the Registered Nurse must fully understand emergency treatment methods and infection control procedures.

Comply with regulations, rules and procedures in order to maintain a safe and clean environment. Adhere strictly to infection control protocols to protect patients and fellow employees.

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