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The Housing Supervisor normally handles the day-to-day business of the hospital. This person is an experienced RN with a finger on the pulse of everyday activity of the facility. During the assigned shift, the Housing Supervisor will handle the nursing staff, patient admissions and assignments, as well as providing clinical expertise and leadership to the staff.

The House Supervisor has the primary task of ensuring the hospital runs effectively and efficiently during his/her shift. Adjustments to nursing staff, calling in staff for emergencies or sending someone home if things are slow is the House Supervisor’s responsibility.  He/She must act as a resource for the nursing staff on clinical questions, policy and procedure issues as well as supervising the staff in the performance of their duties. The House Supervisor serves as the primary point of contact for outside organizations or entities that have questions or concerns about the hospital and has the responsibility of deciding where new patients will be admitted and/or assigned after surgery and procedures.

Different facilities or organizations may have other duties for the House Supervisor in addition to supervising the staff or responsibilities may depend on other factors like the shift worked. In smaller hospitals the House Supervisor may also provide direct clinical care to patients. Attending department or organization meetings and representing the nursing department is usually required as well. Some organizations may include the House Supervisor in other areas such as budget development or strategic planning.

The House Supervisor needs all the specific skills and characteristics of the RN such as empathy, compassion and the ability to communicate with many different people.  Other skills are required by the House Supervisor in addition to these nursing skills as they must deal with conflicting demands from outside entities, physicians and hospital staff. The use of critical thinking skills and judgment is necessary in order to make the best decision from the alternatives. Emotional stability is a must since as the House Supervisor this person will be dealing with staff members, physicians, upset families dealing with injury and/or death of a loved one as well as the demands of managing a large organization. Constant communication with hospital employees at all levels, patients, outside entities and senior management staff is required. Communications must be concise, clear and thorough to prevent errors and misunderstandings.

House Supervisor starts out as a Registered Nurse and then usually will work towards having several years of clinical experience. Critical Care and Emergency Room experience are a plus when working towards this goal. Certification is optional but nurses often choose to become certified to enhance employment opportunities.

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