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Interventional Radiology Technician Jobs

The Interventional Radiology Technician will assist Physicians in performing vascular, neuron-radiology angiographic, and a variety of complex specialized tasks eminent in operating radiographic equipment. The Interventional Radiology Technician will be responsible for the operation and quality control of the radiological equipment in accordance with FMC policies, procedures and training.

• Perform complex specialized tasks associated with the operation of radiographic equipment to make special study radiographs of designated body portions in accordance with radiation safety procedures.
• Position patients; immobilize as necessary.
• Assist radiologist during angiographic and interventional procedures.
• Operate fluoroscopic equipment.
• Position patients for rapid sequence filming during contrast media administration.
• Set up sterile trays and other equipment practicing sterile technique.
• Assist radiologist during procedure to include handling of instruments, operating and monitoring equipment, calling out equipment readings; alerting physician to changes in patient condition.
• Scrub to assist with passage of catheters/guide wires.
• Load power injectors with contrast media; prepare for injection.
• Process film, collate in sequence and label appropriately. Maintain film archival system.
• Schedule patient procedures from referring physician's offices.
• Charge patients for procedures and supplies
• Maintain patient records and statistical data.
• Coordinate scheduling and patient flow.
• Assists with the inventory and ordering of supplies.
• Adheres to all Maxim and worksite rules, policies and procedures.
• Other duties as assigned

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