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The Cath Lab Tech will conduct cardiovascular tests to record the patients cardiac activity using high tech recorder, gauges and video screens of the computer system during imaging of the patient’s cardiovascular system. The Cath Lab Tech is also responsible to prepare reports of diagnostic procedures for interpretation by the physician. Proper preparation and positioning of the patients for invasive heart procedures is also part of the Cath Lab Tech’s job. The Surgical Technologist working in the Cath Lab will be working under the authority of the physician.  Before the procedure the Surgical Tech will set up the equipment, sterilize, inventory and organize the instruments, prepare medications and solutions that may be needed. As part of the Cath Lab team the Cath Lab Tech will assist the physician in surgical and invasive percutaneous procedures which may include: diagnostic and peripheral angiograms, percutaneous tranluminal coronary angioplasty, coronary stenting, carotid angiogram, renal angiogram, iliac angiogram, temporary pacemaker and assistive device placement. The Cath Lab Tech may also perform supply inventory and lab administrative duties. The Cath Lab Tech will observe and monitor the patients’ vital signs and document patient responses to the procedures. The Tech may also administer medication under the direction of the physician and documents accordingly.

The Cath Lab Tech may be responsible for:

  • Preparing and draping the patient prior to procedure
  • Assisting the physicians performing diagnostic procedures
  • Observing and monitoring the patient’s blood pressure as directed by the physician as well as using other physiological monitoring equipment. Continuous monitoring of the EKG and the ability to identify arrhythmias.
  • Handling and passing instruments, guide wires, catheters or other necessary items
  • Maintain integrity and sterility of the equipment and supplies throughout the procedure
  • Recognize and communicate the electrocardiographic and hemodynamic changes to the physician and other staff members throughout the procedure
  • Utilize immobilization devices as appropriate for the comfort and safety of the patient during the procedure
  • Provide care for patients from adolescents to the elderly.
  • Maintains established department procedures and policies, performance improvement, objectives, safety, environmental and infection control standards.
  • May perform moderate or waived point of care testing per CLIA guidelines
  • Operate monitoring equipment, record and interpret the data. 
  • Loads the pressure injector with contrast media required as directed and set the controls for appropriate volume and pressure and triggers injection upon physician order.
  • Assist with cardiac output determination and other calculations. Has a good working knowledge of diagnostic catheters, sterile supplies and interventional catheter-based equipment.
  • Respond quickly and efficiently in an emergency procedure when necessary.

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