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The future is bright for RN Registered Nurses as the Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that nursing is one of the top 10 occupations with the largest job growth. If you think you would like to help women through the labor and delivery process of bringing a new life into this world, then this may be the specialty for you. There is room for continuous growth and expansion of your career with Registered Nurse travel assignments and jobs available in every state. Where would you like to visit? Work in a great environment and be in a place you can go enjoy your free time. What better way to see more of the world while advancing your career and experience at the same time?

The Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse provide care for women and their infants during labor and childbirth. The RN is responsible for supporting, assisting and educating women during all four stages of delivery. There is really no such thing as a typical day in Labor and Delivery. Every day is different and can be rewarding and exciting. L &D nurses are normally employed by clinics, hospitals and physician offices as well as birthing and maternity centers. It is a fast paced environment and conditions can change drastically at any minute. Hours are 24/7 meaning shifts can be weekends, holidays and nights. L/D RNs must possess good stress coping skills and work accurately in spite of frequent interruptions. Registered Nurse may be exposed to chemicals and infectious diseases. Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse will spend considerable time walking, stretching, standing and bending.

Duties specific to Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse:

Provide support for the mother during labor

Observe and monitor the fetal heart rate and mothers vital signs

Performing diagnostic tests and administering medications

Measuring timing and strength of contractions helping patient with breathing techniques

Phlebotomy skills, basic IV and central lines

Collaborating with physician and other team members

Check patients cervix periodically to ascertain progress or lack thereof

Keep patient clean and dry, cleans up bodily fluids

Informs anesthesia when/if patient is ready for epidural

Informs delivering physician at proper time

Assist with the induction of labor when necessary

Providing coaching and encouragement to the mother during delivery

Identifying and assisting with complications

Encourages patient to push at proper time

Assisting with various procedures when necessary, including Cesarean sections

Record time of birth

Observing, monitoring and performing tests on newborn infant as well as immediate care such as cleaning and weighing, etc.

Apgar scoring

Educate and support the mother and family members after the delivery.

The Registered Nurse in Labor & Delivery should display good judgment, be able to make quick decisions, pay attention to detail and have the ability to work well with others. Good communication skills are an important part of this job as well as the RN is typically in charge of educating the new parents.

Education Requirements

L & D RN, like all Registered Nurses, must first finish a two-year associates degree or a four-year bachelors degree in nursing before beginning their careers. Some settings may require certification before employment as well.

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