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Medical Technologists are also sometimes known as Clinical Laboratory Technologists. Their job is to perform and analyze the results of complex scientific tests on blood and body fluids. The Medical Technologist is a highly trained professional and works in hospitals and independent laboratories using high tech equipment and procedures. Medical Technologists collaborate with laboratory directors and/or physicians when test results are analyzed and completed. Most entry-level positions require a Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Medical Technology. Licensure or certification is required in most states and there is a 14% growth rate expected in jobs in the next few years.

The Medical Technologist will analyze samples of body fluids, blood, and tissue to determine chemical content, cell count, drug levels or blood type. They may also be searching for specific microorganisms like parasites or bacteria. There are many aspects to the job which may include preparing the samples for examination, performing numerous complicated tests simultaneously, using automated equipment and specialized instrumentation and accurately interpreting the results. The MT may work in an environment where exposure to infectious specimens is involved and proper infection control and sterilization protocols must be followed at all times. Many hours will be spent standing in the laboratory hours can vary depending on call duty for emergencies.

Performing the following tests on a day-to-day basis may be required in the job of the Medical Technologist.

Preparing cultures of tissue samples

Microscopically examining slides of body fluids.

Establishing and monitoring programs that ensure data accuracy

Cross-matching blood for transfusions

Analyzing laboratory reports for accuracy

Operating and calibrating equipment

Chemically analyzing blood or urine for toxic components

Delivering test results to patients, researchers and physicians

Collecting and studying blood samples to determine morphology

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