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"Perfusion", the term has been derived from the French word ‘perfuse’ which means to 'pour over or through'. Perfusionists engage artificial blood pumps to drive open-heart surgery patients' blood through their body tissue, substituting the function of the heart while the cardio-surgeon operates.

ECC (Extra-Corporeal Circulation – outside the body circulation) is, when, the blood of a patient continually circulates through plastic tubes to allow health care professionals to perform an artificial organ replacing surgery.

Nowadays, there are many artificial organs are present in the medical industry that can be replaced in ECC for a patient’s failing organs. Presently, the organs that are available for clinical use are; artificial hearts (Blood pumps), artificial lungs (Oxygenator) and artificial kidney (Hemodialysis) and artificial livers.

Perfusionists are capable of combining sterile tubing and artificial organs to build an ECC to meet the needs of several physician specialists to treat patients with specific operable diseases. Some diseases where ECC's are employed by medico prescription are coronary artery disease, heart attacks, heart failure, heart disease, respiratory malfunction, kidney failure and surgery to transplant hearts, lungs and kidneys. ECC's are additionally used to distribute chemotherapeutic drugs to cancer patient’s organs and/or limbs. To connect an ECC to a patient, a surgeon must place special tube called 'cannula' into the patient's blood stream.

The Perfusionists controls the flow of blood through the ECC contrivances to avail the medico treat the patient. By cumulating different ECC components, the Perfusionists construct circuits to treat different patient group populations. The Perfusionists employs his inculcation and erudition of anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics and electronics to fortify the patient's life-functions during sundry surgical and life-support procedures. On our website, different types and roles of Perfusionists are given. Please follow the links to learn more about perfusion or contact us for further information.

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