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Demand is High for PACU Travel Nurses

Demand is High for PACU Travel Nurses

RN's who specialize in Post Anesthetic Care or PACU nurses are in high demand and travel nurse jobs are available all across America from Florida to Washington state and everywhere in between. All you have to do is decide what part of the country you would like to visit next.

The PACU RN is a welcome sight for patients waking up from the haze of anesthesia. The PACU RN performs many tasks in the post operative unit including guiding patients back to consciousness and helping them in the first few hours after a procedure or surgery. Medication administration duties are extremely important at this stage of recovery and handling these meds is a very important part of the PACU nurses job.

The PACU nurse must calm the patient as they are coming back to conscious. Anesthesia can be traumatic for the patient and waking up is sometimes very confusing and scary. The nurse will explain what is happening to the patient, their surroundings and what can be expected to happen next.

Pain management is a large part of the job as a PACU RN also as surgical patients normally deal with a lot of pain upon waking and medications must be properly administered quickly to keep the patient as comfortable as possible.

The PACU RN has many responsibilities pre-op and post-op and must be attentive and diligent in order to maintain the safety and comfort of their patients.

There are more jobs than there are nurses to fill them at this point in time and thus the boom in the Travel Nursing industry. Isn't it time to start off on your travel adventures?

Mary Crawford, HealthCare Employment Network

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