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Why Travel as a Healthcare Professional?

Why Travel as a Healthcare Professional?

Well, the number one answer to this question would be Why Not? There is a shortage of nurses and healthcare professionals across the board and this opens up many opportunities. Travel is good for the soul and it can also be great for your career. With the demand for travel healthcare professionals booming, now is the best time to start your new career as a travel nurse. There are travel assignments available from Florida to Washington , Maine to California and everywhere in between. Literally thousands of jobs are posted every day to our job board.

The healthcare traveler gets to choose where they want to go and when…..really? I can't think of too many other jobs that offer this benefit. Most travel assignments start at 13 weeks, but everything in this industry is flexible. Sometimes you can extend the assignment if you are enjoying this particular place or of course, the other side to that is, if you aren't enjoying it so much, it's not forever. The best options can be found after you find yourself a recruiter that will work with you. Then let the adventures begin.

Ever thought about spending some time in a big city like New York, or checking out the music in New Orleans? How about swimming in a clear blue spring in Central Florida or hiking the Rockies in Colorado? It's all do-able if you just take the first step. The options are wide and varied and if you plan ahead and use your brain you can have amazing adventures and further your career all at the same time!

Another important benefit of being a traveling nurse is that you won't normally be brought in to the "office politics" of the facility. Since you are not a permanent staff member you can usually avoid these situations. All facilities have office politics. That's what happens when people work together long term. But that's not the case with the traveler. This assignment will be over and you will be on to the next episode.

Healthcare professionals can choose to travel together as well. Or, of course you can travel with your partner or your pet. Traveling with another working professional will allow you to save on your housing expenditures. Most companies pay for housing for the traveler with a monthly allowance or a per diem amount. When two are traveling and working together this could increase the money made substantially. As I said, so many options…..

Traveling healthcare professionals and nurses normally command top compensation and benefits. In some cases the traveler will make more money than the permanent staffers. And, if you are willing to work nights, holidays and weekends the payoff can be even bigger.

Many great benefits are to be had as a traveling healthcare professional. Would you like to get started on your next adventure? Just click here to request more information and get started on your travels!

Mary Crawford, Healthcare Employment Network

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