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Introducing LiquidAgents Healthcare

Introducing LiquidAgents Healthcare

Liquid Agents Healthcare LLC was founded in 2003 and provides high quality clinical staffing solutions to public and private healthcare facilities across the United States. They offer excellent customer service to nurses, allied healthcare professionals as well as their valued clients. If you decide to partner with LiquidAgents Healthcare you will have access to proven experienced healthcare professionals, staffing flexibility, industry-leading credentialing methods and dedicated support.

"We'll Get You There" is the trademark of LiquidAgents and it's not just a catch phrase, it is the guiding principle behind everything they do. Every action is taken with one goal in mind: taking healthcare professionals from where they are to where they want to be. Clients need partners who bring measurable results, quick action and healthcare professionals that are experienced, reliable and ready to provide excellent patient care. Travel nurses and Travel Allied professionals need reliable partners who will get them the job, pay and benefits they deserve.

LiquidAgents Healthcare is dedicated to that mission. They will do whatever it takes to make sure their clients and job-seekers get to the place they want to be, financially and logistically. No matter what your goal is, LiquidAgents says We'll Get You There!

Plano, Texas – February 24, 2016 – LiquidAgents Healthcare received the #1 spot in the 51- to 200-employee category for Staffing Industry Analyst's 2016 Best Staffing Firms to Work For. Staffing Industry Analysts, a global consultant on contingent work, sponsored the survey that helped determined the winners of the "Best Staffing Firms to Work For", which was sponsored by Monster Worldwide Inc. This nationwide survey is comprised solely of employee feedback and involves a 40-question survey measuring 10 key engagement categories. The results and subsequent rankings are then chosen from the highest overall composite score. Quantum Workplace, an independent research firm specializing in employee engagement, conducted the program for Staffing Industry Analysts. Employees of 182 staffing firms were surveyed.

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