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What the HCEN Client Staffing Agencies have to say:

I just wanted to share with you that the energy continues to soar. On February 1, 2016 Next Medical partnered with Healthcare Employment Network and the lead source launched on Monday February 1, 2016 11:00 AM EST and at 12:04 PM EST that same day I was impelled to write this email: “Mike,This is CRAZY !!! My recruiters are on a whole new level of energy” and now 10 days later I can honestly say the high energy and that go get them approach has not dissipated. The quality of leads far surpasses the quality of any of the other lead resources. What is even better is that there is now a visible and audible incentive for some of the other recruiters to earn their way into HCEN. They can see the leads and they can hear their colleagues on the phones and see the applications and submittals in just 8 short days of partnering with HCEN.

The providers that I have talked to truly appreciate that HealthCare Employment Network has limited the number of agencies and has “handpicked” a selection of agencies that offers a variety of skills and opportunities.

I know that 2016 will be even a greater year for Next Medical Staffing with this new partnership with HealthCare Employment Network.

Mike, I want to thank you personally for your time and sharing all of your advice, industry knowledge and experiences. I truly believe that this new partnership between HCEN and Next Medical Staffing will be the best and most profitable lead source relationship for Next Medical Staffing.



Brian W. Plunkett
Director of Business Development
Next Medical Staffing

Mike with Healthcare Traveler was a big reason for the growth of our agency over the last year. We have used other leads sources in the beginning but have dropped all but Healthcare Traveler. They are definitely a step above the competition and we continue to grow because of the quality and quantity of leads. 
Eric Renteria 
Owner / President  of Elite Source Recruiting

“As a subscriber to various lead services for travel medical professionals, our organization has found that the leads generated through HCEN are highly responsive to our staff once contacted.  Across the board, regardless if nursing or allied health leads, the volume of daily leads are impressive and dependably accurate.  The employees of HCEN are responsive to requests and we have found HCEN Administration to be a valued partner with our organization and actively engaged with our organization’s continued success.    Great delivery with people for places!”

Greg Allen
Managing Director,
Convergence Medical Staffing

“HCT has great profiles and the service is awesome -- I have now worked with Mike at two agencies and it is great. He works like he is a partner and he wants us to succeed. This is who I want to work with. Thanks, Mike"

Mark Vandeventer
Healthcare Recruiter at Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC